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NSX-T Edge VM Design - Single N-VDS Edge VM on N-VDS with 4 pNICs

In a small Data Center, it's common to find clusters with management components such as vCenter, NSX Manager, vRealize Automation, vRealize Network Insight, vRealize Log Insight, and so on. This is what we called a "Shared" Management and Compute cluster. Edge VMs can be deployed in a shared cluster. In the following diagram, the hosts are ESXi based and they have 4 pNICs available or more on each. In this scenario, we are going to dedicated two (2) pNICs for management components and two (2) other pNICs for workloads traffic (or compute) and Edge VMs. I use the following VLAN information in my setup for the Edge VM configuration. Management VLAN: 599 vMotion VLAN: 598 TEP VLAN for Compute: 596 TEP VLAN for Edge VMs: 595 Uplink1 Trunk for Edge VM: 0-4094 Uplink2 Trunk for Edge VM: 0-4094 N-VDS Edge VM Diagram We are going to configure the "Single N-VDS Edge VM Design on N-VDS with four (4) pNICs". This design is available since NSX-T